Tips on how to win the DAILY TICKET more often
One of the hottest topics in the betting world is the ticket of the day. All over the world, where most of the bettors are interested in the ticket of the day, especially in football or tennis. In fact, on these two sports, we will focus our advice on the following.

We will try to offer you some ideas regarding the analysis of a football match or a tennis match so that you make the correct choice on the tickets played at bets. Of course, we can never be sure of a prognosis and it would be advisable to stay away from the counselors who promise such things.

How to properly analyze a football match for the day ticket

Generating profit on long-term bets is much harder than it seems. Of course, we are not talking about lucky bets, who once won tens of thousands with a “fun” ticket, and in the coming months lost almost all the profit generated. We refer to those who generate profit by constantly winning bets. Quite rarely, as I said! To reach this performance it takes several hours or even tens of hours of analysis per week. Sports betting is a hobby, or so it should be. However, if you treat it superficially and you bet almost chaotic it will cause you losses, even some big ones. The most loved and bet sports is football, without a doubt. Below we highlight how to properly analyze a football match to put it on the ticket of the day.

1. Check the ranking and the most recent matches of the teams…
      Any analysis of football should start with finding out the form in which the respective team is, but also consulting the standings. Here we refer rather to the ranking on one’s field, respectively from the displacement. Also, you should consult the latest results of the respective team on their own / away field. Of course, if you do not want to bet on goals, but on corners, for example, find out the number of corners played by the respective team in the last matches on their own field / moving from that competition, but also the one received by the opposing team in previous trips / matches on your own field.

2. Check  direct meetings 

  Although not a landmark as important as the first point, the history of direct meetings can also play an essential role in correctly anticipating the outcome. This is because a team may have developed a complex in the last period, never succeeding to win in front of the opponent. Or maybe in the meetings between the two formations, a closed game is preferred, with little success or open, with many goals. Therefore, it is important to consult the history of the last direct meetings of the respective competition.

3. Find press information about probable teams

   Only a few hours or even a day before the match, information about the teams that the coach could introduce will appear. It is easier to collect information on matches in the top leagues, European cups, international competitions or in Premier League. At the same time, information about injured and suspended players will appear. Depending on this information, in addition to those from the previous two points, you will outline an idea about the relationship of forces between teams. Usually, this aspect plays an important role in choosing a match on the day ticket.

4. Be interested in the state of the lawn

    It is often difficult to know what the state of the lawn will be or what the weather conditions will be at the time of the party’s dispute. Therefore, this point is more valid for live betting, where you have the opportunity to watch the game live streaming. If the lawn is not in the best conditions, the probability of not seeing many successes increases. Especially if two teams that do not shine offensively will meet.

5. Other aspects

The statements of the coach or the player before the game can motivate or demotivate the team. This is what happens if, after 3 days, for example, the team was eliminated from the European cups. Also, it is important to find the distance that the team that will be traveling has to travel. A very long distance can cause a high degree of fatigue near the players. It would not be bad to consult the program of the team, to find out if it had / will have a loaded program. Depending on this it is possible to “let it softer” in the match we put on the day ticket.

How to properly analyze a tennis match for the daily ticket

Although the number of options for a tennis match is generally smaller than that of a football match, when analyzing a tennis match we must pay attention to more aspects than football. To continue the comparison with football, let’s say that a perfect analysis in tennis is a little harder to do. That’s because all the information we need is hard to find. If you do not know how to properly analyze a tennis match, we invite you to read below the information you need.

1. Check the last matches of the players on the respective surface…

In tennis, the overall ranking is not as important as in other sports. Instead, the shape of the player on the respective surface (hard outdoor, hard indoor, slag, grass) matters. For example, one athlete may be below the 50th place in the overall standings, but on the slab, he plays very well, while another can rank in the top 10 in the overall standings, but evolves poorly on the slag. Thus, it selects only the most recent matches played on the respective surface. Also, notice the phase in which the player who interests us in previous tournaments has stopped. Apart from these aspects, you should also know how well the opponents you met on that surface are doing. That’s because in vain he defeated 5 players on the slag if they are very weak on this surface, and now he is meeting a strong opponent.

2. The degree of fatigue plays a decisive role

A year ago I made a statistic stating that often the winner/finalist of a tournament will lose in the first two rounds to the next tournament if it takes place next week in another country or even another continent. Also, in a match from the final stages of a tournament, you are interested in the hours spent on the field by players in the respective tournament. An athlete who has been with the opponent for 2-3 hours or more has less chance of victory. The degree of fatigue is a crucial aspect of choosing a tennis match on the daily ticket at betting.

3. Find out how motivated the player is for that tournament

Not all tennis tournaments have the same high prizes. It follows that a player can be motivated more or less depending on the prize. Also, if the previous year the athlete has managed to reach the semifinals, for example, he will want to defend his points, entering more motivated in the field. On the other hand, if he did not participate last year or if he was eliminated from the first round, he might not give much interest. This also depends on the position that is in the ranking, as well as on the number of positions they could win/lose.

4. Consult the history of direct meetings

One aspect that we do not see very important, but which can count in view of the outcome of the match, is the history of direct meetings. We say this because, in general, between two such meetings on the same surface a few years pass, during which many can change in relation to the evolution of the players.

5. Other aspects

Usually, no information is found on the net regarding the status of a player in a tournament. For example, you very rarely find that a player feels after a match so strong that he cannot recover for the next match and cannot play at full capacity. And we are talking about fitness, a crucial aspect in tennis matches. If you find such information, take advantage of them immediately. Also, some players feel better on the field when the wind blows, when it is warmer, etc. The weather conditions are therefore an important factor for a tennis game.

The most popular strategies for the daily ticket 


When it comes to betting, one of the best ideas for improving your winnings is to apply a strategy. Without a well-developed strategy, the risks of losing or even losing the entire bank increase. The most tested strategies by punters are also the most beneficial. 

With a simple browser search, we find a lot of strategies that can be applied to betting. The problem is that many of them do not have the expected effect. Of course, a decisive role in the success of the strategies has the tips you offer. If the wrong tips are more than the right ones, no strategy in the world can help you generate profit. Two of the best strategies when it comes to sports betting are Martingale and Fibonacci’s. But do not expect to see a remarkable improvement of your bank in a few days, this is valid for all strategies. The role of these strategies is to make you more disciplined and not to get tired of a big gain in a few days or even hours. If you bet by following these medium and long term strategies you will have a higher chance of seeing the fruits.

  • Martingale strategy for the daily ticket

It is not only one of the easiest strategies to understand, but also one that can make you profit even if you have many losses in a row. In short, the Martingale strategy involves doubling the stake each time you have suffered a loss and returning to the initial stake as soon as you have won a bet. To ensure a profit regardless of the number of attempts you will need to win a winning bet, the minimum total odds must be 2.00. Ideally, that total quota will exceed 2.5 or even 3.00. This way you will be able to make a generous profit in the medium and long term. The disadvantage of the Martingale strategy is that you need a big enough bank to ensure that you can continue the strategy in the event of a series of losing bets.

  • Fibonacci string for the daily ticket   

Another successful strategy is called the Fibonacci string. This strategy involves the drawing up of a string in which the next number is the sum of the previous two. An example of a string is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 etc. . Each time you lose a bet you advance to the next stake (number) in the line. When you win you can take it from the end or you can go down one step lower than the one you won. For a generous profit in the medium and long term, we recommend a minimum total fee of 3.00 when using this strategy.

The reason why many people constantly lose, even though they apply strategies Unfortunately, very few are those that generate profit from bets in the medium and long term. Even though I use these two strategies. As I said above, expect major gains in the medium and long term, not the short term. Many people hold on to strategy until an inevitable worse period follows. Once that happens they give up the strategy, many were tempted to recover the loss in a short time. For this, you bet live, place high stakes or high odds, the combination of the three is a lethal one. And look what you built in a few days, weeks, maybe even months, you can ruin it in a few hours.

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